Dell Latitude E7270 - i7-6600U

$189.99 - $199.99

This Dell Latitude E7270 Laptop Computer is in great working condition. It has Win 10 Pro installed.

Grade\Storage   Notes

B Grade\256GB M.2

  • Display has a dark spot.
  • Missing Dell logo piece on the top lid.
  • Shiny keyboard and trackpad wear from normal use.
  • Multiple scratches, scuffs and marks around the top, sides and bottom of the laptop.
C Grade\256GB M.2
  • Both interior and exterior have broken plastic.
  • Exterior also has large scratches, scuffs and paint peeling around the edges.
  • Display has bright spots, dead pixels and scratches.
  • Trackpad has heavy wear from normal use.
  • See photos for detail.


Model - Dell Latitude E7270
CPU - i7-6600U
RAM - 16GB
Storage - 256GB M.2
Screen Size and Resolution - 12" - 1366 x 768
Operating System - Win 10 Pro

Mixed Grade cosmetics